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I recently purchased a brand-new Globalstar Emergency Kit for an extended cruise through the Bahamas. Our cruise is now on hold due to unexpected announcement that we will become the grandparents of twins this summer!

The emergency kit (EKIT-HW) retails for $429.00 and includes:

Qty 1 GSP-1600 Globalstar Handheld Phone

Qty 1 GSP-1220 North American Wall Charger

Qty 1 GPB-1650 Hi Capacity Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery

Qty 1 CLA-1600 Auto Cigarette Lighter Adapter (US)

Qty 1 PC1200O Pelican Case- Orange Color

Asking price: $350 with free shipping to APO'S or anywhere in U.S.

ALSO have used Globalstar hands-free car kit. This retails for $299.00 and includes:

Docking/charging station with 12v lighter plug
Remote speaker
External magnetic antenna
Globalstar's Hands-Free Car kit enables the Globalstar Tri-Mode handheld phone to be used as a mobile telephone in your vehicle/vessel. With the portable phone securely inserted into the cradle, the car kit offers both the safety of hands-free operation and the convenience of battery charging. The magnetic rooftop antenna directs the signal to the Globalstar satellites allowing you to make or receive calls while in the vehicle/vessel.

Asking price: $220.00 with free shipping to APO's or anywhere in U.S.

OR, buy both together for $500.00 with free shipping.

Payment through PayPal for both our protection.

PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]
Alan Brown
s/v Intuition
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