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Going to look at a new to us boat.

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After two and a half years of discussion, we will be going to have a very close look at a boat I have had my eye on for a while.
We met the owners last year and had a quick look at her. She is in amazing shape. New motor, rigging, sails, dinghy. She even comes with a single garage full of stuff.
It is a 1967 Redline 41. Hull #1. The C&C Mothership if you will.
It was sort of for sale 2 years ago but the owner has not been actively trying to sell since.
Pretty excited about this, she is a beautiful boat with a storied history.
We will be heading down to Victoria tomorrow to have lunch with the owners and to have a good look at her.
Wish us luck, as the owner has owned her since she was new and is having some separation anxiety issues.
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.....I was on Jacknife, as well as a new 30 one design at a C&C gathering in Newport last September......
Is that the Jackknife whose rudder was falling out at the start of a race last summer? I was sailing past her, while she was negotiating her rescue with the USCG.
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