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Going to look at a new to us boat.

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After two and a half years of discussion, we will be going to have a very close look at a boat I have had my eye on for a while.
We met the owners last year and had a quick look at her. She is in amazing shape. New motor, rigging, sails, dinghy. She even comes with a single garage full of stuff.
It is a 1967 Redline 41. Hull #1. The C&C Mothership if you will.
It was sort of for sale 2 years ago but the owner has not been actively trying to sell since.
Pretty excited about this, she is a beautiful boat with a storied history.
We will be heading down to Victoria tomorrow to have lunch with the owners and to have a good look at her.
Wish us luck, as the owner has owned her since she was new and is having some separation anxiety issues.
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The cost of buying a boat in Canada is very expensive. There are some lenders who will finance a newer boat but the rates are high and the terms are short. For the most part, purchasing a boat in Canada is a cash deal. Not to many people have a few hundred grand kicking around to buy a boat.
Anyway, big day ahead of me and I have to get ready to head out.
Good luck - beautiful boats.

Best way to finance a boat here is with a Line of Credit. Generally requires you to have enough equity in real estate to provide the collateral. If you can do it the rates are as cheap as they come.

Shouldn't be buying sailboats before you own a house anyway. ;)
Curiously I parted with my second boat, the Formosa 41, to a card carrying member of the Aryan Nation who knew nothing about boats and wanted to paint the hull black with flames on the side..
Is he planning on sailing it in Pelican Bay?
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