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Going to look at a new to us boat.

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After two and a half years of discussion, we will be going to have a very close look at a boat I have had my eye on for a while.
We met the owners last year and had a quick look at her. She is in amazing shape. New motor, rigging, sails, dinghy. She even comes with a single garage full of stuff.
It is a 1967 Redline 41. Hull #1. The C&C Mothership if you will.
It was sort of for sale 2 years ago but the owner has not been actively trying to sell since.
Pretty excited about this, she is a beautiful boat with a storied history.
We will be heading down to Victoria tomorrow to have lunch with the owners and to have a good look at her.
Wish us luck, as the owner has owned her since she was new and is having some separation anxiety issues.
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That's correct. There were four sisterships built. Bedlam, Manitou, Tidewater and one other who's name slips my mind right now.
The original of course was Redjacket. The first Canadian winner of the SORC series.
The four sisterships were built of solid fiberglass where as Redjacket was a cored hull.
Tidewater, the boat we are interested in, also did the SORC circuit for many years and was then cruised extensively in the southern Pacific.
Lately it has been moored in Sidney for some 20 odd years.
Thanks Rob, I hope this works out too.
The owner used to work at the Bruckmann Custom Shops. He took delivery of Tidewater from Cuthbertson himself.
I'm a huge C&C fan, have been for many decades. They are awesome boats.
I cannot think of too many 30 year old, 30 foot sailboats, that are still worth 30 grand. But many C&C's are just that.
The newer ones however don't really appeal to me so much. They just don't have the sweet lines of the older C&C's. And when the add say's "Call for price", that just tells me it's over priced. At $400,000+ it's way out of my price range.
Other than the price the biggest thing that deters me from the new C&C's is the extensive use of composite materials. All the spars are carbon fibre, even the galley countertop, dinette table and many other flat surfaces are made of carbon fibre.
There is nothing wrong with an aluminum spars and a fibreglass hull. Why they have to stretch the limits of engineering is beyond me. I refer to this approach as "To much engineering and not enough boat". Saving a couple of pounds while sacrificing strength doesn't seem worth it.
The hull is molded from an undisclosed composite material and painted with Awlgrip.
There's nothing wrong with Awlgrip, my boat was painted with it years ago and it still looks great. The problem I have with it is when it is scratched it cannot be repaired like gelcoat can.
We have two decent scratches on our boat from the P/O that will require the entire boat to be repainted at a cost of $8000. As a result I have learned to live with these scratches.
C&C is also trying to market the Redline 41 as a racer/cruiser. Granted, it does have a head, galley and a comfortable looking interior.
It also has a saildrive, an open transom and a bulb keel. These features are not very conducive to cruising.
The cost of buying a boat in Canada is very expensive. There are some lenders who will finance a newer boat but the rates are high and the terms are short. For the most part, purchasing a boat in Canada is a cash deal. Not to many people have a few hundred grand kicking around to buy a boat.
Anyway, big day ahead of me and I have to get ready to head out.
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Well I'm going to guess it's ours, I just have to wait until the owner is ready to part with it. Hopefully that will be this year. That's ok with us. We are not going anywhere while we still have our Landseer. This is the first step in a long term plan of cruising south and beyond.

And Jon, between my wife and I we have owned many houses over the years. The problem I find with a house is that they don't go to weather very well, nor do they float very good.
Personally I would never borrow money to buy a boat. There are to many risks and ongoing costs associated with owning a boat. This will be a cash deal.
Well Medsailor,
I don't think this is a matter of convincing him to sell as much as it is the current owner looking for his baby's new owner. He's not going to sell it to just anyone.
He is looking for someone who has some knowledge about C&C's history and someone who will take care of and continue to improve his old girl. He has owned this boat for over 48 years.
Tidewater is actually 1 of 2 boats made before C&C was formed as a company.
Condor, in Lake Michigan, is her sister ship.
She is from the same mold as Red Jacket. This mold ended up being a swimming pool.
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