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Looks great. So, where are you headed now. The Delaware is no place for a boat like yours.
Sorry. I didn't mean it as an insult. It's just that a boat like yours is capable of so much more.
I keep my boat at Neshaminy Marina for the winters, but then head off to places more suitable for sailing and cruising...
Sounds like you know the Delaware (and its limitations) pretty well. There are a few of us here who keep our boats on the Delaware during the season, and none of us are defensive about it. We just enjoy daysailing, and know that if we had to drive 1-2 hours each way, we'd do a lot less of it. I used to charter on the Bay, and as I've packed as much cruising capability as possible into my little 25-footer, I've tried to get down to the Bay a couple times a year for cruises with my wife. (We'll charter again if the whole family comes.)

That gives me the best of both worlds right now - daysailing near home for the times I'm too busy to cruise (for about $1000/season slip fees), and cruising the Bay for the 1-2 weeks a year that I can manage vacation from work.

Someday life will slow down enough to take the Bay as a home port, but for now the Delaware is a LOT better than nothing. And if you time your daysails to be going with the current both ways, it makes you feel like a real pro!
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