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One caveat--with LED lighting, you often get what you pay for... the Sensibulbs are a bit more expensive, but generally are considered to have the best area coverage and light color.

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I couldn't find any approved marine bulbs on their site.
Did I miss them somewhere?
Jim's point is a very good one. There is no such beast as a six dollar LED nav light that is legal!

Sometimes the best price is not always the best deal. Without getting to in-depth on this subject many "cheap" LED's are not constant current designs and this is bad for LED's (heat = bad). Not all LED's are created equal! Even absolute spitting image knock off bulbs that can't be deciphered visually, even when holding them in your hand, are different!

Some reputable marine suppliers are:

For Interior:

Marine Beam

Sailors Solutions / Sensibulb

Cruising Solutions


SuperBrite LED (I list this hesitantly as most of their stuff is junk but if you know what you are looking for they have a few bulbs that are ok)

For Nav Lights:

Do not install an after market LED bulb into an existing Nav light fixture or it will NOT be COLREG legal! The only way to do this is with Dr. LED Polar star series 25 & 40 bulbs when installed into Aquasignal series 25 & 40 fixtures.



Lopo Light



These are identical right??? The only difference is the price.. Right? One is from Marine Beam the other SuperBrite LED they must be the exact same bulb? Right???? They are both listed as warm white..


SuperBrite = Very cold and blueish tint not warm at all. Draws .141 amps.

Marine Beam = Very warm and close to that of an incandescent it was also brighter. Draws .158 amps!

Knock offs are knock offs and you don't always get what you pay for. Unfortunately the LED market has become a Chinese scam artists play ground and we the fat losers getting our lunch money stolen! Buy LED's from reputable manufacturers..

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i never said they where good for nav light stuff. i meant for for interior stuff, i have used there stuff before it is quality stuff. they just buy it in bulk to save money and they pass it on
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