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GPS wiring

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I recently got the Cap''N for my laptop and would like to hook up my computer, my Autohelm 4000W and my Yeoman chartplotter to my GPS to receive the NMEA 0183 protocol. Do I need to purchase a terminal strip to connect all three or can I just wire the GPS output to all 3 units? Thanks for your help.
Jeff s/v Jubilant Cal39 Cape Cod
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I''d use a terminal strip...much neater, and you''ll avoid all of those ugly wire nuts or solderless connectors.
You have to make sure they all "talk" the same language. The make of Gps you have is crucial. If it is a Garmin, for onstance, it takes a special modem to connect to your computer. I have used the Cap''n for many years, and love it. Go to their website and you will find much useful info. I think they are great people to deal with.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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