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The State of Michigan is effectively bankrupt and has been for some time. Yet we're spending something on the order of $3 million of state monies on just the winter advertisements, TV and Radio, in out of state markets that tjl cites above.

Here's some fat for the fire. Why do the Great Lakes states subsume any commercial fishing, etc...activity to the recreational industries? Those from the other three coasts can only be surprised that one comes to Michigan and cannot get any indigenous fish in a fresh caught state. Want fresh walleye; better know a fisherman.

If the recreational boating interests wants the Army Corps to dredge and serve their interests, perhaps they should come up with funding to do so. I'm actually surprised by the amount spent on boating within the Great Lakes area, I thought it'd be more.

Hardly helping in the matter is the increasing tendency of state and local governments to restrict land use via regulation and zoning. If you're going to place more and more land, and water access, off limits to access or development, the shoreline is going to look rather abandoned from sea.
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