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I was down for Bike Week and at the same time looking for possible friendly live aboard marinas when I came across Green Cove marina, just north of Palatka, Fla.

Stopped in at the office and noticed a long line of people trying to get work done and I said to my self they sure where busy down here..needless to say I didn't know why.........


90 boats given 48 hours notice
At Green Cove Springs.

Dangerous Piers Cause Marinia To Close!!!!

GREEN COVE SPRINGS * On Tuesday, March 3, boat owners tied up to docks 11
and 12 in Green Cove Springs Marina, to the floating docks between them and
to the bulkhead were told they must move their boats no later than 4 p.m.
Thursday, March 5. They were told that the docks required extensive repairs
and that they were scheduled to begin Monday, March 9.

That’s a pretty tall order to be accomplished in just 48 hours.

Office Manager Crystal Williams said there are some 91 boats tied up at the
marina and about 25 more on various legs of cruising to the Bahamas. These
owners, Williams said, “…have been notified by email and when they return
they should be prepared to go into storage that same day.”

The marina has a storage yard where some boats can go but they cannot be
lived on or worked on there. There also is a work yard; boats taken there
still may be live-aboard.

Clay County Port Executive Director Ted McGowan said engineers informed him
last week that the dock's pilings had deteriorated badly and they had to be
evacuated immediately.

McGowan said that to underscore the severity of the situation, Reynolds
attorneys notified Bob Speakman, owner of the marina, that vacation had to
be within 48 hours.

McGowan said the docks, built in 1946, had steel pilings and concrete decks.
Says McGowan, “We’ve been monitoring the docks for years but, in the past
two years, the salinity in the St. Johns River has increased dramatically
and the steel pilings have deteriorated far more rapidly than anticipated.”

John and Petra Kowalchack of Lexington, Va. have been coming to Green Cove
Springs for years. The first year they sailed their vessel, “Ragtime Duet,”
down but have stored it here since and driven.

Like so many others at the marina, Petra says, “It’s like a family. Everyone
knows everyone and we all help each other. For some people, this is their

John says, “This place has become an icon.”

John says they are more fortunate than some others; they have a place for
their boat to go.

Tor Pinney has been sailing from place to place, “…most of my adult years.”
He too commented on the family atmosphere. He had been planning to leave
later in the spring. “I just had to move my schedule up a little,” he said.

Some others aren’t so lucky.

One person who lives on a house boat built on pontoons also works all day
and has no opportunity to search for a place and is desperate. It’s
particularly difficult because leasing offices for marinas and apartments
usually are closed by late afternoon.

Once the docks are repaired, current tenants will be called and told they
can “come home.”

For most of them that day can’t come fast enough."
Rick I

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Oops... that has got to suck...

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I hate to do this

Cause I am the Dock master there, but here goes. The marina is not closing. The Port has installed 20 moorings, so far and starting Monday are putting 40 more in. The piers will be rebuilt by the Port Auth. The work yard and storage yard are still available. However we are packed out in both right now. I am stacking boats in storage, not on top of each other, LOL.
I have bee running around trying to help the long term cruisers. Most have taken a mooring and a few have moved on.
It really hit our marina family hard, and for a couple of days we were walking around in shock. Everything has settled down and getting back to normal, The longest River Race in the world, called the MUG RACE is next week and we host a big party for the racers on Thursday night. The halfway party. You have to be there to believe it.

Fair Winds

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The Moorings

Ahoy Joe,

The Port In Green Cove is an old Navy Base, The Navy owned the river bottom between the piers and something like 800 feet out from the ends of the piers. When the Navy left it sold the base to the city of Green Cove Springs for something like 1 dollar. This included all the land etc.

The piers are 1800 feet long and 1000 feet apart. We are placing the moorings inside and between the piers, basically on Port property.
Because of this we have none of the hassles of putting moorings on public land.

Fair Winds
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