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Greetings All from Central Texas

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As mentioned below, its really dry here and I guess that worked to my advantage. After 20 years of not sailing, I took title to a very neglected '83 Catalina 22 30 days ago. After a lot of cleaning, a new genoa, battery, motor, and misc other items we have had the Dragonfly (previously called Sunset Cat) out now a half dozen times. Even stayed overnight once already.

There is still much to do like getting the swing keel to work, new paint, a head, a galley, etc but will not be able to do any of that until at least one ramp opens up somewhere on the lake and we can get her out of the water.

Until then, I'm looking forward to cooler temps in the fall and more days nursing this 'ol girl back to some of the luster she once enjoyed.

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Welcome to the party, MazeRat. I, too, sail an '83 C22. Hull #11735. Great little boat. Fun and forgiving. Lots of dedicated C22 racers in Texas, if you're so inclined. Strongly recommend you join the C22 National Sailing Association. It's cheap, they publish an excellent quarterly, "MainBrace," and most importantly, many members have documented almost everything possible that you can do to/on/with/over/under/inside and out of a C22. A great resource to say the least.

As you will see here on SN, vast knowledge and sailing experience to tap into from sailors the world over. Enjoy the ride.:thewave:
Welcome aboard Mazerat. Need more Texas Sailors. What lake do you sail on.
Thanks guys. I'm in Austin on Lake Travis in the Sail and Ski Marina (formally known as Yacht Harbor). As luck would have it I can still walk from the car to my slip unlike many of the marinas around that have had to move to deeper water and provide a shuttle for slip renters.

On a side note, while Travis is down almost 32ft today, the LCRA is predicting another 15ft drop by Jan of next year. We sure need a good soaking for a few months down here.

Welcome aboard. I believe Smackdaddy is in your lake or close. Make sure you tell everyone on this forum that Texas sailors do it better (and bigger)... especially if they own a Catalina!!!

- CD
Hey Maze - welcome to SN dude. I'll see you out on the lake. I'll be the C27 with perfect sail trim just smoking by everyone else on my way to Hippie Hollow....which is now just rocks and dirt. Bummer.

Congrats on the C22. We'll see you around.
So SD, sounds like we need to keep an eye out for each other...
There are a bunch of C27's on Travis, so how will I spot you? Sail # ? Boat Name ?

As for finding me, that is easy. Look for the most neglected hillbilly looking C22 you have ever seen that says "Sunset Cat" on the side and a captain grinning from ear to ear (because he is sailing again)... and you will have found me.

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