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I have returned to the water after a thirty year absence.

When I was a boy, my Dad wanted a sailboat. There was no money, of course, for such a thing. But "luckily," both my parents smoked like chimneys. So umpty-jillion cigarette wrappers later, my Dad was the proud owner of a Sea Snark.

For those of you who are not familiar with this class of boat, imagine a styrofoam bathtub with one pointy end. She's 11' long and 3' at the beam. The manufacturer puts a 313 pound weight limit on passengers and cargo.

I found the hull in my Dad's basement a few weeks ago, and was safe until I found two online companies that make parts for the thing. I put it back in the water for under $200.00. I look utterly ridiculous in the thing. I'm a foot taller and 110 pounds heavier than I was when last I sailed it. And I don't care.

The flow noise from the hull, the gentle wake, and the light thump of the sail when it filled, and I was 15 again.

But the Snark isn't really big enough for me. And certainly not big enough for me and my wife. My long term plan, if my interest level remains high, is to buy a used day sailer next fall, and then upgrade it to a cruising boat a couple of years after that.


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I wonder if kool realized you couldn't smoke and sail at the same time? (well maybe someone could) :D

Snark sailboat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Snark is a lightweight lateen rigged sailboat. The early Snarks had hulls made of expanded polystyrene (EPS is most commonly known by the tradename Styrofoam). Later versions have an EPS hull clad inside and out with a layer of ABS. At fifty pounds, eleven feet long with a thirty-eight inch beam, these boats are easy to transport, easy to sail, and unsinkable, a good choice for a beginner or day sailing.
Early Snark sailboats could be purchased with product coupons. For example, a large number of Kool cigarette coupons could be redeemed for a Snark with the Kool logo on the sail. Kool also made the Snark available for $99.

Welcome aboard!
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