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After 30+ years of sailing hobie cats and sunfish I've decided it's time to bring a bit of comfort into my sailing world and move to a small cruiser type sailboat. Plan on sailing out of Muskegon on Lake Michigan. I've come up with a list of criteria for a boat (some driven by my own preferences, some driven by marina I plan to make home, & some driven by my wife) so feel free to make suggestions...
1) 28-32 ft in length
2) draft of no greater than 4'6"
3) can sleep 4 comfortably and 6 in a pinch
4) can be sailed singlehanded (my wife is more than willing and able to do her share of sailing...just has a fuller schedule away from sailing so I'll be on my own some of the time)
5) swim platform (doesn't have to be much, but has to be there...started looking at 85-88 O'days for this reason)
6) here's the kicker....purchase price of $20-$25K.

Mainly planning on daysails with an occasional overnight or 2-3 day excursion on Lake Michigan.

Your experience, expertise & opinions are welcomed!
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