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Grenada cruising observations

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Still in Grenada and have a few observations about cruising from what I see here.

  1. This one applies more generally than just here. Seems like there are two types of cruisers. One group was called 'permacruisers' by someone. These folks find a place they like and stay there, either all year or seasonally. We know one boat that was launched from Spice Island boat yard, went about 200 m to anchor and has no intention to move until they haul in May, when they will go another 200 m to the travellift. The other type of cruisers are transients, who come for a time and then go somewhere else.
  2. The median boat size here is about 45'. Interestingly, the median was notably smaller in obscure places on our circumnavigation where we were one of the larger boats at 45'.
  3. Some countries have a lot of cruisers here. For some reason there are a disproportionate number of Danish boats.
  4. There are relatively fewer American boats here than you would expect, based on distance and the number of boats there are in the country. Not sure why this is. The proportion of Americans in the permacruiser category is definitely higher than in the transient group.
  5. There are quite a few catamarans here compared to most places.
  6. If you are on a boat less than 33' you are almost certainly to be European.
  7. If you less than 50 years old, you are almost certainly European. This of course may be related to the previous point.
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My Irish/Canadian friend has his Corbin 39 turning at anchor in the Grenadines for a few years now. Victim of gremlins. Last summer at the club he mentioned, he would like to bring the boat home, once the head gasket is changed.
I guess you haven't noticed.
The people of Martinique told me the Americans don't usually show up until later in the sailing season.
Basil's restaurant at Mystic, is easy to get to.
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