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Gulfstar 37 Information

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I'm looking for any information or leads to online sources about the Gulfstar 37. Forgive me if I have overlooked it on this site but I am finding little available anywhere.

In particular, for starters:
  • I understand these are solid FG hulls both above and below the waterline. Correct? Are they prone to blisters?
  • Is the keel encapsulated? That would seem to be the most likely given the design.
  • What is the deck construction? Given the vintage, I would assume balsa core but am unable to find any references.
  • Are there any specific shortcomings to these boats from a structural, rigging or other basic integrity perspective?
Thanks in advance for any advice or guidance.
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Don't have any info regarding the gulfstar, but was curious as to what kind of boat was in your avatar photo.

That is my 2005 Corsair 24. Great boat for Grand, shallow draft, great dive platform and most of all, easy to derig and trailer to high ground when hurricanes are imminent (like maybe later this week).

I'm really glad I bought it and would buy a 31 if my sailing plans were stateside and didn't include some offshore and coastal live aboard. A 31 right now is too much challenge for me to handle the derigging/rigging process on short notice or in 20 knot wind with rain.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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