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Based on your other experience, it would seem neither of you would scare worth a damn ;-) I would think a small sailboat on that fairly large lake would be the most practical start, and would teach you the forces and balancing act (weight, body-english, sail trim, steering) that are sailing, better and faster than a bigger heavier boat with less dramatic feedback.

It's said (by me, but not just me) that the best sailors come from small boats. And much easier to extrapolate upward to the heavier boats than vice-versa. and cheaper to start with too.

A lesson or two early is good, just to keep you from learning bad habits you'd have to spend time later un-learning.

And have fun! Get good at sailing in a fresh breeze (eventually) on a Laser or a Sunfish, or any decent sailing dinghy, and you can handle anything with a little familiarization. then you can head to bays and sounds, then coastal, then offshore.

And never turn down an invitation to sail with someone else.
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