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Guzzler Bilge Pump

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Hello All,

I just bought my first boat, it has a guzzler manual bilge pump, I think its the 500 but I will have to check tomorrow. Right now it does not work at all. It has white rubber corrugated bilge pump hose. The pump is mounted in the cockpit with the hose running down to the bilge below. Does the setup sound ok? I am considering buying a new pump but I want to make sure that the setup itself isnt' bad. I just bought the boat and the guy I bought it from said he had replaced the rubber in the pump but it still wont work or me.
Is the pump bad or is there something else I'm missing?


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open it up and see if something is jamming the flappers. you can try to cover the output with your hand and pump to see if the out put flapper is jammed, as its normally the pickyest. one small air leak on the output side can shut the whole thing down.

if you try the hand trick and it sucks your hand tight the flapper is stuck/ripped etc.
Whale Gusher of guzzler?

If it's the Whale Gusher, it's a great pump and having it installed in the cockpit is correct. scottyt is correct in that the flappers can become clogged and/or brittle enough that they don't seat right. The aluminum housing can also become corroded and cause problems sucking. I bought a rebuild kit, scrapped out all the old crud and the pump works great. Figure on a rebuild every 5 years or so. Maybe longer or shorter depending on use, water type, etc.
if its a bosworth guzzler then it could be the 400 or the 500. maybe the PO put the flapper valves in the wrong order. I have one and its very easy to rebuild and works flawless every time, has for the last 7 years.
Its a Bosworth Guzzler, 500 I think by the hose size. I wouldn't be surprised if the PO put the flapers in wrong. Does it sound like the hose setup is ok? I can buy a whole new pump from defender for 50.99, I think I am going to do that so I know what I have going forward.
there's only a few parts to it. a new pump is cheap, a new rebuild kit is cheaper. there is the top bellows and two flapper valves. that's really it. you pull the bellows out, it creates a vacuum and one flapper opens and the other closes. then you push the bellows back in and the flapper valves reverse. very simple, very reliable.
Buying a new pump does nothing for you in terms of understanding how the thing works and being able to fix it yourself in the field if neccesary sometime in the future. When it comes to boats the more you know how things work, the more you can fix things yourself and the better off you will be. I can't think of a better place to start than the manual bilge pump. Take it out, open her up and I think you will see that repairing it is a simple thing, heck you have to take it out anyway to put in a new one , what have you got to loose? Just my 2 cents worth. Rick
I understand how it works and am sure I could rebuild it if neccesary. What I don't want is to buy a rebuild kit, rebuild it and then find out that there is something else wrong with some other part of the pump. The PO thought he knew what he was doing and tinkered with lots of stuff and made things worse more often than not.
I could rebuild it if neccesary. What I don't want is to buy a rebuild kit, rebuild it and then find out that there is something else wrong with some other part of the pump.
Before you buy a new pump and before you buy a re-build kit - take the old one apart. I took mine apart and it was very very obvious what was wrong.

And now I know all about my manual bilge pump - everything, because once I got it apart I totally stripped it down, put in the parts needed and now it works just like new and for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Jet, I think folks are suggesting the rebuild because there just aren't that many parts in those things. When you open it up and replace the flappers and all, not much mystery is left. And from my experience, it's one of those rare boat projects that seems to go pretty much as planned.
Well, you guys were all right. I took the pump apart today and found a small piece of debris caught in the outlet flapper valve. I pulled it out and she works great. Thanks to all of you for your help on this.
Never be afraid to take something to an expert in a basket!

Gary H. Lucas
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