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There are 2 different Hughes 29. There is the original version from 1970 or so, and then there is the Columbia version from 1981 or so. The original feels very cramped. The Columbia feels very ugly IMO. This from a guy who owns a Northstar 1000 (which has its own issues! ;) ) which is almost but not quite the same as a Hughes31.

I am not surprised there aren't many Alohas, Niagaras or Ontarios around as people are still sailing them - it is summer even if it doesn't feel like it. People tend to keep them a long time and then when do get put up for sail, they get snapped up pretty quick if they are in decent shape. I was looking over the winter and there seemed to be 8 or 9 Niagaras available at various prices. For what its worth, North 44 has a Niagara 31 and a Hughes 29 right now.
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