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There were not many Hughes 29's built for some pretty good reasons. First of all, I assume that you are referring to the late 1960's/ very early 1970's era Hughes 29 and not the Hughes Northstar 1000 or the Hughes Aura 8.7 which are sometimes listed as 29 footers. The Hughes 29's were pretty odd ducks. They were a design that bridges an era when yacht design was changing rapidly and they fit none of the pidgeon holes. While they were pretty good boats for that era, they are quite iteosyncratic and objectively compared to designs that followed, they were not all that great as boats go.

They also had a series of unusual and undesirable features such as very narrow beam, pinched transoms, short waterline lengths, narrow side decks, coamings that were essentially out at the rail allowing cockpit flooding and so on.

If these boats are conceptually appealing to you I suggest that you consider either a Shipman 28 or Albin Ballad 30 which were better boats all around.

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