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Has anyone tried one of these for a bottom job?

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They make a wire brush for it.thats what I'd try.
Just testing to get some user reviews.
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Removing the anti fowel paint and blisters on a very bad bottom that's deteriorated. like %80 of the boats out there on the dry.😂
I'm just investigating.i have no work currently. but ive done bottoms before.nothing clogs a pad up faster. i guage constroll depth visually by the material a good sense how to feet the pressure adjustment out by hand.being 8 lbs you better be strong.😂
Looks fast and affordable option verses a couple of hundred of sanding pads. then $20 worth of sanding pads to clean it up and do any feathering.
I actually wanted to try that out the first moment I saw the tool.after doing several bottoms the old sand paper way. which if your bottom looks pretty caked with years worth of bottom paint really sucks.
Fob it to do that! LOL just like I love my homemade forced air 1 way respirators.with lots of blue pool hose.and a squirrel cage fan.3m full face mask and JB weld.😁
It works.but I made it work out of necessity.working on boats in hot blows cool air and clean air.paper mask just don't hold up working hard and don't work right with those situations.nor trying to breath with your lungs on a filtered overheat and it won't stay in place under the gun with sweat making your face they clog very quick.
But you need to mod the mask I use and I leave that to each there own to figure splendid tho.
Yeah that can turn into a nasty job for shure. i learned quick.and adapted quick as I could figure things out.
My take on it is after the first minute hitting the worst erea first the wire brushes no matter how tuff they are will stop cutting so boldly and start that dulling efficiency that the drag of removing most bottom paints will incur no matter what you're using.
And at that point what I would be willing to bet on is that when you did successfully cut through the bottom paint it would just start gliding over the gel coat without digging into it.youd have to hold it on a spot for a prolonged period for that to happen.
At 8 pounds on a hot day it will punish you either way after 10 minutes but just about anything will.
I don't think i can afford the media blaster grift.if so I'd move to la and buy a boat.😂😳and do the bottom...😂😂
I'll say this: I've done bottom jobs and ive seen a plenty of boat bottoms.
I actually would use a hand held wood planer( the electric spinning kind) on some boat bottoms and probably make it work 😂
Now the more reserved approach is this tool.unless your boats newer then I too would be more cautious.
But most of it I'd let her rip.but with that said if your curious how it'd do?they make the brushes in brassy,regular wire brush wire then stainless steel! But I'm betting it dulls them out to make you groan either way.
But I'd be hopeful it would flying out the collected gummy material it's going to try to get clogged with either way. to let you keep lopping away at it.give it a try and tell us all about it if your about to do your bottom. you can always return it.😂
Yes, blasting large amounts of highly toxic chemicals into the air that people breathe, and on the ground where it will poison everything living, is irresponsible. PLEASE do not do it!

If they caught you doing this on the grounds of the marina where I am at, you would be kicked out immediately. And I fully approve of that policy!
But gliding them through the water where 3/4 the life on earth breaths for them to slough off is fine?
I recognize a fall out progger...ha!
That's ok Francis you know we use parps to collect our scrapings and put them in the trash.did your dose of drama do you good? 😂😳
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