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Has anyone used painted coatings with electrodes as a form of antifouling?

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We have a 3 year old Dufour anthe time is approaching for us to haul her out and antifoul her for the med waters.

She has previously been painted with Hempel antifouling but we had decided to take the plunge and coppercoat her this year for longevity. However someone mentioned a new system whereby you apply a paint with electrodes in it which causes a vibration that we cant feel but stops marine growth but didn't know more about it.

I can't find anything about it online. Does anyone know anything about it, if so please enlighten me as to who makes it and whether it works!

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Thank you, yes after more research it does seem he mean the ultrasonic systems. Aside from Jaycar which it appears you have to build yourself, including soldering contacts etc, (too advanced for my DIY skills) and uses 5.5A @ 12v, I have found 2 other companies:
Next generation electronic antifouling technology | UltraSonic Antifouling LtdUltraSonic Antifouling Ltd | Ultrasonic Antifouling for Powerboats, Motorboats, Sailboats & Superyachts ---- which, with 2 transducers for a 10-15m boat comes in around 1149 + vat, so 1390 with a 3 year warrantee and says it only uses 1.1A @12v
Smart Antifouling :: Smart Ultrasonic Antifouling which with 2 transducers as above, and a solar regulator at €810 + vat, so around 725 all in, with a 2 year warrantee and "average power consumption: 3W - 250mA at 12V'

All 3 companies have relatively few but all positive reviews, still need to refresh the anti-foul paint every 3-4 years.

But it is new technology, (no holes in the hull required by the way) and expensive so the question is, is it better to play safe and go with coppercoat?

Hempel seems to have come up with something new too… a Fouling Release coating called Silic One which uses a hydrogel which forms a smooth non-stick surface on the hull, making it difficult for fouling organisms to attach. The result is less drag in the water and lower fuel consumption - giving you a more efficient fleet and a superb return on your investment." But it appears that if you take the boat out of the water during the winter, you will have reapply the top coat (no sanding down required though), it may last 2 years if left in the water… however aside from the potential benefits to the environment, I am not sure it benefits the boat owners financially that much! Also can't find any reviews on it either….

So me thinks it is back to the decision between ultrasonic transducers or coppercoat… any recommendations?
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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