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Haul out and bottom Paint

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I've just owned a sailboat for two years and am having hauled out and bottom painted for the first time since I've owned it.

While its out of the water, what other items do I need to inspect and service while I have access underneath.

Thanks for the Input
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Inspect the through-hulls, especially if they are bronze.

Inspect prop shaft, cutlass bearing, stuffing box, prop, zincs, rudder shaft, rudder gudgeons and pintles or bearings.

Inspect and maintain seacocks. Replace if necessary.

Inspect hull-keel join.

Inspect pivot pin and swingkeel/centerboard if necessary.

It would really help if you said what kind of boat you had, as some specific issues may be relevant to your boat.
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Sailingdog has pretty much covered it. My Westerly is also out of the water right now too; my thru-hulls use cone-valves which we disassembled, cleaned and lapped, repaired nicks and scraps in the gelcoat, and reseated the bilge drain plug & transducer.

If the boat yard is using slings to haul out and back in. Make sure they use some kind of padding between that new paint job and the slings. Some yards use cardboard some wrap the slings in plastic. In my case they used card board in my recent haul out and the paint was not damaged. Most bottom paints will still be curing when the boat is dropped into the water. I'm not sure where you are from but if the boat will be put back into the water soon after painting, make sure you tell you bottom cleaning divers that you have new paint. They will need to hold off on cleaning the bottom for a couple of months and then switch to a less aggressive cleaning pad when they do start cleaning again.
Inspect hull-keel join.
How does one go about doing this, exactly?
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