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Hi all,

This post is to share my experience with the Hayn Hi-Mod rigging fittings.

This post should be considered a warning and advisory regarding the Hi-Mod fitting designated for 1/8" 1x19 wire.

I learned the following while re-rigging my Sparrow 16, a 3-stay, 3/4 rig sloop mini-cruiser with a shoal-draft fixed keel.

The following is what I learned from experience and from discussions via email and over the phone with a representative from Hayn:

  • The Hi-Mod fittings are designed for metric wire and then cross-listed for the inch equivalent size. This is not a problem for fittings for wire larger than 1/8" but it is a problem for those intended for use with 1/8" wire.
  • Using the 3mm / 1/8" fittings on 1/8" wire can make assembly of the fittings very difficult. I learned from the Hayn representative that three-turns of threads is necessary to properly secure the fitting.
  • I was able to accomplish this by holding the wire in a vice and rotating the body of the fitting (with the female threads) with a wrench in the direction of the wire lay while simultaneously pulling on the fitting with the wrench. I would do this so that I could without tools install the threaded end-fitting (with male threads) 2.5 turns. I then would then remove the end-fitting, put on the thread-locker and install it with a wrench with 3 full turns of threads engaged.

  • The Hayn representative told me they were likely to rewrite the installation instructions to be more specific regarding the number a threads the end-fitting needed to engage the body so as to have a secure installation.

  • Whereas the eye-end-fitting was sized for 1/4" clevis pins, the fork-end-fitting was sized and came with a 6mm (0.236") clevis pin. This has also been brought to the attention of Hayn Marine.
  • For my installation, I intended this clevis pin also support a shackle to which my jib halyard block would be attached. As such, I needed a longer clevis pin than the one that came with the fork-end. Solutions include reaming out the hole in the fork, finding another clevis pin and shackle, or finding/making a new clevis pin. I don't like the idea of enlarging the hole but it is probably the simplest. I was able to find in Canada a distributor (Steveston Marine) of metric clevis pins and shackles by Barton Marine.

I hope this post might be of use to others. I think the Hi-Mod fittings are a good product but for those of you with smaller boats that use 1/8" wire, be mindful of these challenges to their use.

Fair Winds,



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