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Heat air unit for 36' sail boat

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We are looking to install air conditioning and heat in our 36’ sail boat. We are looking at a single 16000 btu unit for air and would like a heat combo. We are thinking of electric heat. We will be cruising Mexico and south and possibly then up to San Francisco area. That would likely rule out a heat pump salt water heating system.

We definitely want a quiet unit as it will be by our bed.

We are about to buy an inverter charger. We are thinking of the xantrex Freedom inverter. The 2500 model handles 7500w surge. We would like to match the inverter to the AC\Heat.

If we had electric heat could this handle a surge in start up and run it for say an hour or less in the morning on the hook to take the chill out?

Is there such a unit or would this be strictly dock side?

Would the heat and air both run off a Honda 2000 generator? Would it handle the start up surge?

We have looked at some units but the surge on the electric heat seems to the problem. Prevents the heat from running of the Honda genst.

Any one have a unit that they can recommend?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Why not a single self-contained unit such as a Cruisaire? These heat pumps are efficient and should work for both heating and cooling in the area you mentioned. I would think that the genset should also be capable of running the unit. Check on their website for required power. We have one unit under our aft bunk and the noise doesn't bother us. On the other hand, while anchored in the Caribbean, we almost never use our A/C. In marinas, we do use the A/C.
Chip, I think you'd be surprised at how much heat a Reverse Cycle AC can put out. In the late fall or early spring with only 50ish degree water the heat out of the vents won't Burn your hand, but will make it un-comfortably hot. Because my Cruiseair came with the boat I can't remember the BTU's ... it may only be 12,000 but it takes care of cooling and heating on my 33 pilothouse which Cu Ft wise may come close to your 36.
There is a dealer for Cruisaire here in San Diego and I will talk with them today.

There is a dealer for Cruisaire here in San Diego and I will talk with them today.
I am surprised you can get heat out of that 50 ish or so water!
Is your Cruiseair quiet?

Is your Cruiseair quiet?
I have seen some different opines on this, it could be subjective I guess.I have an appointment this Thursday with the cruiser rep at A to Z marine here in San Diego.
They do have a new unit out that my be a quieter than the previous models, so they claim.

Electric heat (by which I assume you mean a coil) is purely resistive, not inductive like the compressor motor on the air conditioner. Therefore, there is no surge.

Fans have electric motors also which are inductive, but their startup current requirements are not very great.

FYI, I have two Flagship Marine A/C units (16,500BTU and 12,000BTU). Each one is fitted with a large electric coil, which draws just over 2,000 watts. These units have been wonderful for me for the past five years, and for a couple of friends who also have them (as does the USCG and the Canadian CG).

However, they are not very quiet when on A/C. On the heat setting, they're very quiet, with just the fan running.

Also, several users have recently reported mechanical problems with them (which I haven't seen, thankfully).

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Stan,Is your Cruiseair quiet? I have seen some different opines on this, it could be subjective I guess
I probably shouldn't have even posted to this thread because this is my first and only AC and I have never even been in another boat with the AC running. My AC is under a setee in the pilothouse and I consider it quiet.... but compared to what ? The interior of my boat is ALL wood so sound insulation is very good.
Well I am going to talk to the Cruiseair dealer here in San Diego today

Well I am going to talk to the Cruiseair dealer here in San Diego today and I will let you know what I come up with. He said he has a "deal" salesman speek for buy one know. Any way I think the one I am looking at the DX 16000 btu self contained unit is $2,500.00 without the controller and pump etc. It also has heat. They are reverse cycle units. This is not a project I was wanting to do just yet so the price would need to be really a "deal" to get this going. We are getting ready to do the new charger\inverter project. The batteries are in the spot where the Cruiseair would go. At least I think so but have not made a final decision on that. That is also something i'll talk about today. The next project would b refrigeration but like I said it would be hard to pass a good "deal". I may just be a sucker for a "good deal":eek:
Freedom 2000 W and Cruiseair

We are getting ready (as soon as they are on sale) to purchase an inverter \charger for our boat. We have the original charger at this time.

We are looking at the Freedom 2000 W unit.

Am I correct in assuming that any digital controls will work if wired to the batteries?

For instance we are considering a Cruiseair heat\ac with digital control.

The Cruiseaier 16000 btu model can be had for about $2000 without pump and controls etc.

We are deciding on the compact model and it is a special order so it would be more.
The heat and air would run off a Honda 2000 generator but would max it out all the time, not good.

The heat would take about 144 ah to run so it would be ok to take out the chill on an inverter.

Dometic has a new product out now called the SmartStart. It limates start up spikes (power surge). SmartStart reduces the startup surge by as much as 65%,
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