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I need to replace my heat exchanger. I have a 5416 16hp universal diesel. I removed the old heat exchanger and had it tested, the radiator guy said it's leaking and cannot be repaired. I think I've found an acceptable replacement online (mr. cool marine products) for about $250. They say they have a copper heat exchanger and a coppernickel heat exchanger and recommend the coppernickel heat exchanger for saltwater applications-which is where I sail. I wanted to research this myself a bit to make sure I purchase the best one that will be most corrosion resistant and best heat exchange capability. I know that replacing the Zincs is needed with either....but advice on whether I should buy the copper or the copper/nickel? Same price on their website for either one.

The factory HX is a cupronickel tube pack.. A copper tube pack saves money but cuts into longevity...
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