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Heavier better motion comfort ?

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Just got off the satphone with Matt Rutherford. He is the young fellow who went around Americas alone. ( 300 day solo, 27,000 miles ) He is currently sailing non-stop from SF to Japan surveying water pollution ( ) He has about 60,000 blue water miles under his legs.

We had a little sidebar discussion on motion comfort at sea. Last summer he sailed 70 days non-stop in the Atlantic on a über heavy displacement old style boat. This summer he has been sailing a Über light modern style boat in the pacific now going on 38 days.

Matt thought that the lighter boat had better motion comfort because she didn't pound through waves. Instead of pounding, the light modern boat moves smoothly over the water.

This is contrary to docktalk everywhere. Docktalk consensus is a heavier boat has better motion comfort than a light boat because the heavier boat moves up and down slower.

What does the SN community think ?
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It seems that two different issues are being discussed. The comparative weight per length and how it affects a boat's motion is one issue. Seaworthiness relative to weight is another much more complicated equation. Simple displacement has little to do with the sea-kindliness of the boat. It's more a function of design. "Heavier" has some connotations that are misleading, leading one to equate heavier with a more comfortable ride. Boats with the same displacement can have radically different shapes and characteristics.
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