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We used to sail a Cape Dory 27, also an Alberg design similar to your Bristol 27, and hove to regularly to lower the sails. The procedure was good practice for us and I found it kept us from making a mess of things by dropping sail too quickly while trying to manage the motor.

We never tried to heave to under main or with the main, at all. We didn't have lazy jacks or any kind of main wrangling system, making lowering and flaking the main one of the primary reasons we hove to in the first place. We would generally let the main out, heave to under headsail alone, start the motor, lower and flake the main, then let the headsail out and motor in while we dropped the headsail.

The key, in my limited experience, is not to have too much momentum when you heave to. We would get close to the wind, sheet in the headsail, let out the main, then tack but leave the headsail backwinded and let the main fly out with the tiller lashed off. The boat should settle in and let you do whatever you need to do.

I found it's also helpful when you have seasick passengers, the motion is a lot more comfortable.

We also hove to so we could reef easily.

I also hove to so we could make lunch...

I'm lazy, I guess :(
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