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My boat is a 36' fractional rigged sloop. The headsail is a 100% self-tacking jib.

Having never hove to before we gave it a try last Monday when lunch time rolled around. Winds were 15-17 knots. I used the traveler stop on the self-tacker to hold the jib backed and put the rudder full over to windward. With the main sheeted in the boat would set at about 30-50 degrees off the wind, heading up and falling off as the jib and rudder did their job. With the main eased out the boat set at about 70 degrees off the wind. Boat speed according to the knot-meter was about 1.5 knots with the GPS showing 2 - 2.5 knots. From watching the shoreline I did see a great deal of leeway.

Is that speed normal for being hove to?

Would a preventer to hold the main in position to provide a more stable weathercock be prudent?

Having read about sailing for many years, doing the ASA "Idiot to Titanic Captain in 6 days" course and some limited chartering I'm finally getting to put some of this "knowledge" to use and I'm having a blast!!
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