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I had to look at this thread since my gf has some degree of heeling paranoia - oh, by the way, we own a Catalina 30. First of all, boats like Catalinas, Hunters, Beneteaus, etc. do best when sailed "on their feet" - meaning 10 degs of heel is perfect and 15 is OK. Anything more, and you''re uncomfortable and not sailing as efficiently as you could be. As for the fisherman''s reef - it''s a short term solution that I may use if the wind comes up as I''m coming back into the harbor (as it often does in So. Cal.) - but it''s not the best solution if you are going to keep sailing for awhile. If that''s the case, learn to reef your main and furl your jib partway. And I''m not sure about your water-ballast Hunter, but I''d have to have my spreaders well into the water before I begin to worry about capsizing. That''s what all that weight in the keel is for. Hunter should be able to give you a graph showing the righting angles for your boat - that may make you less concerned.
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