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Hello 6 years away from sailing and now coming back.

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Hello!! Dave and Josephine here we are shopping for our boat. We are looking in the 30-40 foot range heavy older boat (we may never leave the Long Island Sound however if there ever is a day we want to we will be ready) we'd like to keep it under 100k. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for the welcome!! We have and yes there are!! Last night we drove from Long Island to MD to check out several boats notably 2 Cabo Rico's a Shannon ketch and a few others.
Placed a down payment on a 1987 Sabre 42 down in MD at Annapolis Y/S worked with Keith an Aussy who was great!! Happy with choice so far and have read mostly good things about the boat!!
A little we heard good things about the Sabre and we where done with looking at this point. The Cabo rico turned out to be poorly laid out for our needs as where the crealocks so this met our wants.
Thanks Ken!!
They do!! I've been looking at Tartan Sabre Catalina, Erickson on one end and Hans Christian, Tayana, Westsail and Baba on the other. Who knows at this point. I know I am all over the place. My Josephine love the look and lines of the classic heavy boats and I just want something that is turnkey (for right now) and floats that will also take us anyplace we want. What to do????
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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