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have you considered a cat?
Well, he has the Wife, so a cat isn't out of the question.
However, stick with the short-haired variety. The long-haired ones shed like crazy, and those hairballs do tend to clog Bilge Pumps.

There are a couple of Yacht Clubs in Seoul which have rentals and chartering.
There is also the Korean Sailing Federation that offers training. Their web page is in Korean, and it's like Greek to me, but you may be able to suss it out.

Although Korean Yachting is relatively new, Japan has a long tradition, and I believe that both Yamaha and Fuji still make boats, but no longer for export. There are smaller Japanese Yards of high repute and long standing.

And one other thing to consider- many people have the same dream, but end up disillusioned, leaving boats behind in some exotic Ports Of Calls, boats that can be purchased quite cheaply. One advantage- they have already been outfitted, more or less, for World Cruising.
Can I mention Yachtworld? You can spend many hours looking through the listings of boats within a fairly short flight of wherever in Korea you are.

Now the last thing: Surveys.
A boat meant for this purpose has to be surveyed, and surveyed well, and surveyors can be in short supply in that neck of the woods. You might check with the local Lloyd's office, and see if they can recommend a good Marine Surveyor.
It is not wise to depend on a Surveyor recommended by a Yacht Broker, although I'm sure that reputable ones do exist- this just means doing some extra homework on your own.

Best of Luck... and feed the Kitty...

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