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Welcome to SailNet and potentially the world of sailing.

If I missed it, I apologize but I don't see where you've actually sailed. You only mention doing a lot of reading.

Before plunking down the cash for a boat you don't yet know how to sail or care for, my suggestion is to find a local club and get on the water. Take some lessons. Get a feel for different boats as part of your learning process. Talk to people face to face about what maintenance is involved, not just the labor but the cost. Learn what your legal responsibilities are as skipper of your new home.

Again, my apologies if you've done all that due diligence but just didn't post it. For now, it sounds like you have the romance of it ahead of the cart that holds the reality. Buying the boat is the easy part.

Good luck. Don't give up but realize it isn't all sunsets and rainbows.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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