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Hello all,

Myself and my girlfriend are currently living in London but are considering an extended cruising trip in about a years time. We have minimal experience between us and the idea is very much in it's infancy at the moment but we are hoping that we might be able to get some good tips from you lovely folk.

We aim to spend the next year saving money and getting as much experience on the water as possible. Following this, we aim to buy our own yacht (For simplicities sake, let's ignore how complicated this is in itself for the moment) and embark on a sailing trip for about a year.

Obviously, being early in the planning progress, we are extremely flexible but our original idea was to see the East coast of N.America and potentially navigate around all of S.America.

One option for us would be to start from London and head south to the Mediterranean, getting to the Canaries in time for the mass exodus west to the Caribbean. Following this, we would want to see as much as we could over in the New World before eventually returning home. Another option we have played around with would be to fly to the US to buy the boat and begin the trip, thus giving us more time around the Americas without having to bother with crossing the Atlantic.

My question would be, what is the best way and the best timings to sail around the Americas? I have read all sorts of conflicting advice about it so I thought I would throw it out there and see what you all thought.

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