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Well I figured it was about time I popped in here to this fourm and a couple others to say hello to everyone again and say a quick thank you to the one or two of you that sent a pm asking how I have been and that Im just now able to access and read.

We pulled the plug on internet and have been with out it for quite a spell much to my wifes liking as I was getting to addicted to the forums anyway.

The economy still has construction in the toilet around here so things are still very tight for us but picking up some what, so we are hopeful.

I wont be participating too much yet as I still need less play time and more work time but will check in now and then.

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and enjoying your boats.

Take care

PS: I see you have an old Fuzzy little friend as a Mod here now...Hee!Hee! if that doesn't beat all! :p
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