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Hello from Colorado

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Greetings from the mountains of Colorado. I have been lurking here for a couple of months learning all I can about sailing from the posts and to determine what sort of denizens inhabit these parts. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and have spent the past 27 or so years in northern Colorado building a business which consumes most of my spare time. I became interested in wind powered boats when I was able to cruise the Puget Sound on the Lady Washington for an excursion that included climbing up to the crows nest on the main mast. From there I have rented Hobie sailboats during cruise ship stops in the Bahama's and taught myself how to maneuver and tack against the wind. I have also had the opportunity to experience the America's Cup excursion in St Maarten twice, once aboard the Canada II boat and once aboard Dennis Connor's Stars and Stripes boat. After the first time I was hooked! We have two lakes within ten miles that have a lot of sail powered craft and I hope to pick up a small (16' or so) beginners sailboat this summer to advance my knowledge and skill level. I realize that all this is small potatoes to most of you but it is exciting for me! I hope that my knowledge of refrigeration and electrical controls can be helpful in exchange for what I have already learned from you.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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