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So i posted a "hello" thread hear quite away back thinking i was picking up my first boat. Well i didn't end up getting that one i saved up some more cash and got into a san juan 21. Today was the first day out with her. Here is my story

alright so we get the boat out there all is good... get her in the water fine. push off the dock, motor out a little ways and raise the main and the jib. All is going good were pretty much just trial and error figuring the wind out. So we do this for like 3-4 hours find a nice little cove with a beach for next time and decide to head back in about 4 oclock. We've kinda just been runnin with the wind (away from the marina and boat ramp) and decide to be lazy and take the sails down and just motor her back in. We get the motor started but about 5 min later it dies for some reason. So we decide not to be lazy raise the jib back up and sail her in. Well we're not the best sailors yet. Next thing we know where slowly buy surely heading into the dam. Try the motor again still not turning over. So about 10 min later and a pretty decent impact my boat is getting thrashed againts a rock dam. There's not a boat in site to come help us and we have zero ideas. waters coming over the portside, lines are everywhere, stuffs breaking it was bad. We end up just getting out of the boat and chilling on the rocks as i watch my new toy get thrashed against the rocks. It'd be abotu an hour walk back to the marina so that's our last option. I got back on the boat to grab a shirt or something and try the motor again. It fired up! So as my brother and my freind are pushing me off i somehow get about 100 yards away from the dam under motor. What do you know the wooden part that connects the motor to the boat snaps and i grab the engine to save it from sinking to the bottom of the lake. so now i'm screwed... again. My brother and my friend are still on the damn. I'm in the middle of the lake. i drop anchor and ditch the boat and swim to my brother and friend. just as were about to hike it back to the marina we see our rescue boat on the horizon. i swim back out to my boat and hook up the towline to get towed in. The rudder had some damage while getting thrashed agianst the rocks so i'm litterally holding the rudder in the water (which is reaaally really hard) while were getting towed back to the marina. As i'm getting towed away i see a cop picking up my brother and friend. 30 min tow ride later were at the marina. we get the trailer ready. We had quite the time getting her back on the trailer because my truck hitch sits pretty high and i haven't gotten a drop down hitch yet so the back end of the trailer kept getting caught. About an hour later (and some help from some mroe expirienced boaters) we got her all hooked up and finally got her home. We finally got home around 9:00. We started heading in at 4:00. Haha. Some how we got outa this thing with no tickets which is a mircale casue she's not registered yet and all we had were 3 lifejackets.Overall it was a great day adn i still had a lot of fun.

Anyone from manhattan wanna come help me! haha

Things that broke/need fixed:
Motor Mount
2 Iphones
1 Blackberry
my pride haha
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