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Hello from NC

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Hi all

I am fairly new to sailing (having taken a basic keel boat class about two years go). Life got in the way and my sailing dreams were put on hold. However, I was lucky enough to travel and cruise for 10 days in the exumas with a good friend last spring (they were down there for 6 months) and now I'm hooked. It is now my passion in life to get my own boat and learn as much as I can and set sail one day for my own big adventure. My immediate hope is to buy a small boat to get some practical experience in the coming months or find someone locally that will be wiling to take me out and continue to teach me. I also hope to take a navigation or cruising course at the same school where I took the basic keel boat. I know it all will come in time - but it's hard to temper my passion and excitement. Any advice that you all can provide in the coming months will be most appreciated. I live in NC near greensboro - so I'm landlocked other then a lake. But if there is anyone in the area willing to teach me and take me under their wing I would be most appreciative. In the end though any and all advice that you seasoned sailors can provide will be welcomed. Thanks for providing this forum....
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I'm pretty sure lake norman has a sailing club. someone there should be able to help you
Thanks - they do. Because of my location it's actually almost as close for me to head to the beach then to lake norman. I'm a little nervous to show up to places without "knowing" someone so I thought a place like this (if anyone was from my area) may break the ice....
Sunseeker, welcome to the wonderful world of sailing. I'm from Greensboro, unfortunately I'm not there all too often. I work on boats and sail for a living so I'm usually underway. I'm there for a few weeks in the Spring and again in the fall and I'd be happy to go out with you whenever I'm home. I keep my boat in New England so I don't have a boat to offer around Greensboro, but if we can find something I'd be happy to teach you what I know. I hope you can find a more convenient sailing buddy than myself, but they're scarce around Greensboro. Let me know if I can help.
Welcome aboard. If you ever make out to the Outer Banks you can jump aboard my boat. It is nothing special, but it gets me on the water!
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