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My husband and I have a 1990 Hunter 30T, that we bought in May of last year. We're still getting to know her. We both did a little sailing as kids, but forgot everything we'd learned (which wasn't much), until we took a class last March and fell in love with it all over again. We didn't mean to buy a boat so soon, but of course, we went to a weekend sale and it was just the right boat at the right time at the right price. She's beamy and has a tall cabin, to fit our family (two kids, a housemate, and frequent friends-as-crew), and and while she isn't the fastest boat in the marina, she gets us where we want to go. She's mostly my boat; hubby likes to say that he loves the sailing but likes even better that she's mine and I take care of her.

Our big dreams at the moment are of getting to the San Juans, but for now we do a lot of sailing right in Puget Sound, between Bainbridge Island and Shilshole Bay Marina, and just keep learning, learning, learning. Every time we go out, we practice something new. I'm still referencing my textbooks from my sailing class, as well as a dozen other books. There is so much to learn! I'm a ham radio operator and I like to say that I picked two hobbies I will never get bored of - you never stop finding something else new and fun to try.

Nice to meet everyone, and you can look forward to me asking some newbie questions soon. First up; can we remove the battens from our mainsail? They keep getting caught in the lazy jacks. Which is easier, removing the battens, removing the lazy jacks, or getting a whole new sail?
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