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My name is George Hackett. My family has been in the Philippines since 1899 where I grew up and learned to sail. Started with Sabots, Penguins, and then 110's. Later on moved up to 505's before working for Horizon Sails in South Norwalk, CT. in the early 80's with Bob Barton.

My other sport was Volleyball which I played at La Salle in Manila and then played USVBA and the East Coast Circuit while living in New Canaan.

I moved back to Manila in 1992, met Rainbow and got married in mid 93. We have two sons, seventeen dogs, a J-35, and in-laws!! We started Windshear International Philippines Inc. which is a High End Industrial Safety and Fire Fighting Company. And to keep my finger in the Sailing Business, we started Windshear Sailing as a division in which we represent UK Sails, Harken, Raymarine, and Donaghy's.

Well, that is the short or it.
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