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Hi, my wife and I are planning on relocating to Chorpus Christi, TX where we will be finishing our college at A&M Chorpus Christi. We are wanting to buy and live on a sailboat during our Chorpus Christi stay, roughly 2 - 3 years minimum to finish her off and then live on her along the coast afterwards as we will be environmental science majors with emphasis in coastal and marine environments. We would ultimatly like to buy one which is considered "blue-water" worthy but just needs outfitting.

I have read on a few boards other than this one that it can be harder and more expensive for insuring a 20+ year old boat. Is this true?

One thing we will have to take into consideration.... We will need to be able to afford the docking fees, boat payment, maintenance, car payment, plus misc and food all on part time jobs. We will be spending the next year to year and a half working full time while we finish out pre-reqs and making triple payment on the truck and we would like to buy and put the boat out on Lake Texoma and begin learning before we have to go to the coast.

$60,000 seems doable depending on how much maintenance is required. Anyone know roughly what I can estimate? I have been reading the blue-water boat list and do plan on buying a good used one.

Roughly how much is boat insurance?

If a bluewater used is too much because of insurance costs than what about Catalina? I know Catalina is NOT blue-water but it reading through the forums seems to give me the impression that this is a better choice rather than Beneteau and I will NOT go with Hunter as I can see they are not built decent knowing nothing about boats. The Catalina appears like it would allow me to stick in under 20 year (to have lower boat ins) and I could afford a decent boat payment (if I can stretch it out to a 20 yr loan with 10% down) given my part time job situation after I have quite my well paying fulltime and relocated. I need to clarify - If Catalina it is then I will NOT take this out in the wild blue. But I may Island Hop in the Caribbean.

Any feedback or forums anyone can give me a link too as there are so many wonderful feedback that has probably already answered all my inquiries.

Thank You.
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