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Montgomery 17
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I checked out your blog, pretty nice. Looks like your pretty serious about getting out there, I am trying to do something pretty similar myself.

Looks like you and your freinds enjoyed that first storm, I remember mine. It wasn't raining or lightening but the wind was pretty feirce and I had full sails up. It started to blow 30-35 knots I was told by my fellow sailor who was out at the time on his boat. My girlfriend didn't enjoy it too much but I really got a kick out of it, even though I tore a 3' rip in my jib. I should have reefed but the wind nearly died just before the heavy winds hit.

Anyways, I like your blog and you have some pretty nice info on it. Looks like you have learned alot so far.

Good luck with getting out there!

Oh yeah, I couldn't tell if you have a boat yet. In some instances it seems like you may refer that you do but in others it doesn't. Just curious.
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