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Hello Everyone,

My name is Cara, I'm an American citizen who currently resides in Lindau Bodensee, Germany.

I have recently rekindled the idea of learning to sail since the area I live in is a big sailing community. We live at the southern end of Germany where Lake Konstaz is, which is also bordered by Switzerland, Austria and France.

I have always loved being on the water, which is what led me to join the United States Navy and choose a job of repairing ship navigational instruments and submarine periscopes. So I do have a little knowledge with the instruments.

There is a sailing school on the island where I live, however it cost about 500 euro. I was also told by a friend that it was possible to by sailing books to learn about it and then take the test to get certification. But since I'm somewhat naive on the subject I figured I would ask here. What would you recommend? Any information would be helpful.


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Hi Cara,

I'll let others respond to your book vs. course learning decision.

I will remind you however, that one can learn sailing using Nike's, "just go do it" philosophy. If there is a yacht club nearby, go chat with them about joining a boat for "informal" racing. There are plenty of owners in my club that are more than willing to take on new people as "unskilled laborers". This won't work for more formal races, but it will get you a start and some "networking" leverage. You may not care to race, but that is usually the easiest established method to get you into other on the water opportunities - day-sailing or cruising.

You needn't be a YC member to crew, but check to see if the club has a special membership for crew - ours does for singles, or couples that are not boat owners, but participate as crew. Once part of a YC you will find plenty of opportunities to get on boats and learn the sport. Then you can decide whether or not that ~$700 course certificate is necessary to the type of sailing you want to do.

And Thank You for your Naval service!

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