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I am a newbie to sailing and I love it. I have a trainer boat, 1973 23' sloop I got and repaired what was necessary to get her sailing again. But my dreams are to have a bigger boat, as everyone's is. Now here is the question. what do you think is better. Ketch, Yawl, center cockpit, what?
Anything will help, thanks


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Welcome Aboard

I think you'll get as many opinions as there are members, Your choices are going to depend very much on your personal preferences and what kind of sailing you do.
Generally a sloop or cutter will point closer to the wind than a ketch or yawl.
A split rig (yawl,ketch or schooner) gives you more sail choice options and smaller sails to handle even if you have more total sail area.
Split rigs give you and extra mast with all the fittings, etc. more to maintain and more to go wrong.
A center cockpit gives you and after stateroom, privacy for two couples, generally a center ****[it will be smaller than an aft cockpit on boats the same size. You could write a book on the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
That being said my boat, Enchantress, is an aft cockpit sloop which can also fly a staysail using running backstays. So mostly she's a sloops but sometimes she's a cutter.
Now that I've made everything clear. welcome to Sailnet.
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