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I've been reading posts from this site for years, usually Googling something about sailing and/or boats and finding my way to one of the Forums. I thought it was time for me to join and come out from the shadows so that I can ask questions and participate and learn directly.
I have always loved the water and being around it, I was in the US Navy from 87 - 93, and didn't mind being deployed too badly. 186 days at sea without a port was the longest I've been.
Anyway, I took my family (wife and 2 daughters) out with Captain Ryan of Sail OB (Orange Beach, AL) and loved it, I had been on Hobie's in Florida and the waters around Houston growing up but had only been on 2 other sailboats. Needless to say, the bug got me, I am taking my first ASA class in New Orleans this week, and am looking at going to Pensacola to go through 103, and 104.
I am a long ways from deciding on what I want in a sailboat, other than seaworthy. That's not exactly true, I have some "Dream" boats picked out but at this point don't know if the Marketing guys have done a great job or my naivety is showing. Ha

Kindest Regards,

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