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thanks to Brian for putting up those photos, nice to see kids enjoying the sea
& John, I like the wood dingy! & the swimmin' hole- where is that if I may ask?
further, nice aerial style photo of the Ches Bay Maritime dock-- the vessels are all beautiful

what is the guidelines on speaking here in terms of posting and waiting for crew responses?
use pm? use email?

what can/cannot post?

a lot of fake users? rare?

any other sites you folks recommend for finding a sailboat in October for delivery to Florida?

I have some new GPS related questions that will be food for thought & perhaps nice threads
look forward to exchanging ideas


ps- a great read: Farley Mowat The Boat Who Wouldn't Float

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Welcome aboard and thank you for the compliments.

Lots of questions... I hope you'll find a lot of helpful information here at Sailnet. We do kid around a bit but generally this is a friendly/civil place. We get some occasional spammers/fake users, but normally we try to keep that in check as much as possible.

Most of our sub-forums contain some guidance on what sort of subject matter should be posted therein. One rule that applies across the board: The site is paid for in part by advertising, so we do not allow "free" advertising by businesses in the forums.

The "Off-topic" forum is less moderated and generally open to discussion of any subject matter (usually non-sailing related) that does not conflict with the Sailnet User Agreement. Sometimes it can get heated there -- especially in the political threads -- but that is how we keep such material out of the sailing forums. Avoid off-topic if you are easily riled or offended.

P.S. The swimming hole is a secret spot whose whereabouts we do not divulge!!:D :D
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