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I have just joined Sailnet and wanted to introduce myself. I am looking to purchase my first boat and I am very excited. I have already learned so much from this site and I hope that someday I can someday pass on my knowledge as well. That's ti for now till then happy sailing!
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Welcome to sailnet, this a a great place to learn about any and all things sailing. Good lck in your quest for a boat, keep us posted on how things do for you.
Hi, welcome!
Get some rides? Join a club? Try as many boats as you can. Buy em two at a time lol Anyone of us will try to help you and each other.
Kind Regards, Lou
Get to know your local Harbor Master they can point you in the right direction!..Dale
Thanks for all the help and support. It is truly appreciated!:)
Welcome aboard Mate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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