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Hey all!

I'm writing from Florida, struck by a bout of wanderlust and boredom only sailing can cure.

I fell in love with the "hobby'' two years ago, when I spent the summer in Eastern Europe, sailing around lakes and living on a tiny, cramped sailboat for two weeks-- sleeping under the stars and singing at night. The summer after that, I sailed to Denmark, which was awesome as well(once I got over the seasickness!).

Well, it's summer again, which I hope will mean sailing once more. Unfortunately I am not traveling to Europe this year, so I will have to look for opportunities around Florida(though Panama, Carribean, South America are all dreams and wishes I will drop everything for...). The problem is a lack of resources(no boat), lack of experience and contacts, and my age-- I'll be 17 in a month. The last one has proven to make trips that aren't expensive, planned-out summer camps impossible to find.

Despite these "issues", I have the passion and drive for the sport, as well as the attitude to get along. Not to mention a sense of adventure that makes me appreciate the moments when things go wrong or not as planned.
Also, the lack of big, personal responsibilities at home(no family at my age, simple part-time job that can be dropped, no calender restrictions until August...) means my schedule is wide open.

My father, the real sailor, is currently contacting all his sailor friends, asking around to see if anyone has a vessel on this side of the globe in need of a crew, so I am staying very hopeful that an opportunity will come along!

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