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Hobie cats are fun little boats. A lot of people have learned to sail (sort of) on Hobies but frankly they are hard boats on which to really develop well rounded sailing skills. Hobies like most beach cats are have sails that are fully battened and cut flat so that they are properly trimmed when the boats are at speed. They are not easy to "read" so that it is very hard for one to learn the fine points of sail trim.

They are also one trick ponies,use wise, in that they can only be used for daysailing or racing. They need a fair amount of wind to sail but not too much wind. They don''t have an auxillary to get you home when the wind dies as it often does in summer in Florida. That means there are a lot of days that you can''t go out without risk of getting stranded that might have been good sailing days in some other kind of daysailer. There are a lot of daysailers that you can overnight or at least bring food and an anchor and go somewhere and just hang out. Hobies are best sailed off a beach, they are hard to dock which also can also be a bit restrictive. Still they are a lot of fun when sailed in the right conditions.
Good luck
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