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Help ID'ing 19(?) Footer

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...found it on Craigslist. Missing nameplate. Owner only knows it has 3 sails - thinks it's a Boston Shipbuilding Something. I think maybe it's an 18' Buccanner or Apollo. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

(1st time posting pics - hope this works)

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What's your goal?

What boat to get depends on your goals. I don't know anything about the Rhodes. The Buccaneer is an interesting beast as others around here will tell you. Fun to sail, lots of power, a wee bit tippy, and varying build quality. The Flying Scot is a great boat, quite a bit more conservative than the Bucc. Comfortable, stable, not a light air boat. I find it is good for the family and has an active class with friendly sailors. For me it is a good mix of a family day sailor and a friendly racing boat. A blast to sail when there is wind. Not so much fun when it is sunny, 90+ degrees, and the wind dies. Scots are being built by the reputable, long-term builder. There was a second builder back in the 70's who had varying build quality over the years.
Understand. Not enough room here to explain my goals. Let's just say I have a "tippy" wife who needs to adjust to "open water". And little, if any, racing. At this point, stability, construction, and resale tops my list. It seems the CC Rhodes fits that bill.
Based on your brief description, if you are thinking a dinghy your should seriously consider the Flying Scot. It nails all of your points.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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