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Help me decide on a dinghy

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Hello all, new to the forums. I've done some searching and reading on other people's dinghy decisions, which has just made me even more confused. I would love the impossible: For me to pose my conundrum and every one of you to point out the same obvious choice, so I know I'm doing the right thing.

I need to supply a dinghy for a new 50' catamaran. The dinghy sits on chocks, rather than dangle from a davit, so I can get something up to 650 lbs. I'd be happy with anything from a 10' RIB with a 20hp tiller to a 13' aluminum RIB with a 40hp and console. The latter will mean longer and faster outings and adventures, but maybe a bigger target for thieves?

I plan on living aboard for the next 10 or so years and cruising the world. I've lived aboard before and spent a decade as a yacht captain (mostly on power boats), so I have some boat knowledge but not much cruising-in-foreign-locales knowledge.

Better to go with a lightweight RIB and a smaller motor? Or get the dinghy that will open more opportunities while at anchor? Any advice / opinions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
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Jealous of your arrangement. I've been forced down in size as I've decreased the size of the mother ship. In your situation, I'd go big and fast. Dry fast rides in the family truckster.
Now that is hilarious. A 38 foot Morris in Cape Cod. Oh that I could downsize in such a manner.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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