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Help me decide on a dinghy

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Hello all, new to the forums. I've done some searching and reading on other people's dinghy decisions, which has just made me even more confused. I would love the impossible: For me to pose my conundrum and every one of you to point out the same obvious choice, so I know I'm doing the right thing.

I need to supply a dinghy for a new 50' catamaran. The dinghy sits on chocks, rather than dangle from a davit, so I can get something up to 650 lbs. I'd be happy with anything from a 10' RIB with a 20hp tiller to a 13' aluminum RIB with a 40hp and console. The latter will mean longer and faster outings and adventures, but maybe a bigger target for thieves?

I plan on living aboard for the next 10 or so years and cruising the world. I've lived aboard before and spent a decade as a yacht captain (mostly on power boats), so I have some boat knowledge but not much cruising-in-foreign-locales knowledge.

Better to go with a lightweight RIB and a smaller motor? Or get the dinghy that will open more opportunities while at anchor? Any advice / opinions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
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I'm a fan of the having the most useful dinghy you can manage. What you can manage is a personal call. If you have a crane to get the dink up on the deck, that open a ton of possibilities.

Then, there are two camps of RIB buyers. The first, consider them disposable and buy the least expensive they can find and replace in 4 or 5 years. The other buy a good brand, so it may last longer and you can source parts, such as replacement tubes.

No dink is going to make it 10 years with needing some help.
If I had that much room, I'd have 13 foot Boston Whaler with a 40 HP as my dinghy. :D
Love it. Lot's of memories as a kid, when I would occasionally cross Long Island Sound in one. To be young and stupid.

It did make me think, however, some dinghy docks have limits below 13ft.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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